Kirkjufell 2.5L Hydration Backpack

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Kirkjufell 2.5L Hydration Backpack

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The Kirkjufell 2.5L Hydration Backpack is stylish and lightweight, military-style hydration backpack which is great for small hikes and short runs in the city.

Dehydration should be one of your main concerns when adventuring. Feeling thirsty during any activity generally means you are dehydrated, and we know how annoying it can be to carry a drink bottle or cup around.

Includes a 2.5 litre water bladder that is removable and easy to clean.


Size: 17cm*4cm*44.5cm / 6.69inch * 1.57inch * 17.51inch
Temperature Range: -20 to 99 celsius degrees
Material: TPU
Capacity: 2.5L
Weight: 0.420KG
Feature: Foldable design and easy to carry