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Fersen™ Contoured Cervical Orthopedic Pillow

   Enjoy a full night's sleep with the Fersen™ Contoured Cervical Orthopedic Pillow that is sure to bring you therapeutic relief. Wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day ahead of you.

  The ergonomically designed pillow can be used by anyone who sleeps on their sides or back to keep your neck, head, and spine parallel and aligned. This helps to improve circulation and relieve pressure on those troubled areas. The pillow is structured to help maintain a strong and durable shape even with daily usage.

  Studies have shown that individuals who get the proper amount of beneficial sleep can translate to a better and more productive day in the workspace. Fear no more, whether you find yourself sleeping on your back, stomach, or even side our pillow is here to help. All materials used in this pillow are chemical free for better health.

    SIZE:21x13x3.9 INCH (Standard) Weight: 1.33lbs

    What's included in my package?

    • 1x Zip up Fersen™ Pillow Case
    • 1 x Fersen™ Contoured Cervical Orthopedic Pillow