Sally's Seamless Adhesive Hook (10 Pcs)

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Sally's Seamless Adhesive Hook (10 Pcs)

Sally's Seamless Adhesive Hook is made of special non-marking solid glue. This kind of solid glue is soft and elastic. It can fill tiny gaps on the surface of the matte when it is pasted. The air wont be able to easily enter, so it can bear heavy weight, because of its good strengths. Upon removal, there will be no residue, or traces.

  • Hook on the all, no nail needed.
  • Easy to use, just peel, stick and grip.
  • Removable with no marks and no damage to the wall.
  • Suitable for smooth and no porous surface, such as glass, mirror, smooth tile, and smooth surfaces.


    • Material:PVC
    • Type: Clear / LoveTree.
    • Size: 6 x 6cm / 8.6 x 7.7cm.

    Package Include:

    • 10 x Seamless Adhesive Hook.