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2 in 1 LED Mirror Alarm Clock


The 2 in 1 LED Mirror Alarm Clock has a mirror feature to be used as a mirror for make-up application. As well as an indoor temperature sensor displayed in °C or °F. Easy setup for Snooze, 12 or 24-hour format. With it's sleek and elegant design this is the alarm clock you need to have in your own home or office space.


Note: Please tear off the screen protector before you use the clock.

1. When powered by a battery, press SNZ/LIGHT button, the LED will light on 5s.

2. When powered by USB cable, the LED light will stay on.


Shape: Rectangle/Square

Hour Format: 12H / 24H

Temperature Range: 0°C~50°C / 32°F~122°F

Size: Approx. 16*5.5*3.6cm/8.2*8.2*3.6cm

Power Supply: USB or 3 x AAA Battery (Battery not included)

You Get:

1 x Mirror Alarm Clock

1 x USB Cable

1 x User Manual