No Touch Digital Baby Thermometer

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No Touch Digital Baby Thermometer

The Perfect Solution For Measuring Temperature From Anywhere, Anytime!

Are you looking for a safe and accurate forehead thermometer? The No-Touch Digital Baby Thermometer offers both convenience and professional accuracy.

Fast, gentle and easy to use--simply place the thermometer gently on the center of the forehead to get accurate readings in just seconds. The large, easy-to-read screen helps determine the severity of your child's temperature by displaying green if there is no fever. Yellow if there are a slight fever and red for a high temperature. Compared to the traditional oral thermometer, mercury thermometer or a digital contact thermometer, it takes noninvasive to the utmost level.

No Touch Digital Baby Thermometer Measures Temperature Quickly, Accurately And Effortlessly.


  • FEVER INDICATORS:Each individual reading of our forehead thermometer gets an immediate indication if it encounters anything in fever range, causing a sound to emit from the thermometer and alert the user. There’s also a built-in three-color fever indicator that visually shows if the temperature is healthy, nearing a fever or slight fever, or at high fever-level.

  • INTEGRATED SENSOR: Our Baby thermometer provides quick, clinically accurate readings with no need for skin contact. The infrared sensor is able to detect temperature. This amazing feature helps give you the most accurate readings possible.

  • MULTI-SURFACE READINGS: Easy to get any temperature reading with its multi-surface function thermometer – great for babies and young children who can’t be still for very long. Get readings using the ear or forehead to check for a fever.

  • PRACTICAL: Dual mode of the baby forehead thermometer allows measuring in both F°and C°. It automatically shuts down when idle which helps to save power. Lightweight and extremely portable, designed for everyday use.

  • GREAT FOR BABIES: Take a baby's, children’s or adult's temperatures without skin contact. You can even take a child’s temperature while they are sleeping. No need to wake them up!

  • NO MORE GUESSING: This reliable thermometer offers fast, hygienic results. The indicator will turn red when it detects a fever. It turns green when there is no fever present.