Golf Ball Finding Glasses

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Golf Ball Finding Glasses

Save Money By Reducing The Number Of Golf Balls You Lose!

Are you tired of looking for your wayward golf balls? Now save enough time and money by retrieving all your lost balls to go another 18-holer with these Golf Ball Finding Glasses.

It appears brighter, allowing you to locate and reuse that elusive golf ball. They turn the grass into shades of grey, so the ball really pops out when you come across it. A must-have addition to your golfing set.

Golf Ball Finding Glasses Helps To Make Ball Spotting Easier So You Can Stay Hassle Free About Losing Your Golf Balls


  • SPOT BALLS WHEREVER THEY LAND: The golf balls allow you to locate and reuse that elusive golf ball. These are designed to highlight white golf against the tree, the rough and the fairway. It turns most grass, plants, shrubs etc into shades of grey to locate your ball easily.

  • QUICK VISUAL PICKUP: The lenses have a blue pigment that filters light as it passes through. It makes white golf balls easier to locate against dark backgrounds. A perfect gadget for any golfer; amateur or experienced who misplaces their golf balls. 

  • TIME & MONEY SAVING: The golf ball finder glasses helps to save your time and money. Minimize search time and penalty strokes. Lightweight and portable. These golf ball finder glasses come with a carrying case for convenience. 

  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST COMFORTABLY: The glasses have a flexible plastic-resin frame that wraps around the face for optimal comfort and fit. Ergonomically designed, look stylish.