Wooden Quartz Watch

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Wooden Quartz Watch

Look Stylish & Feel Great With This Unique Wooden Quartz Watch!

Looking for a wood watch but with a twist? This Wooden Quartz Watch is handmade that ensures perfection. The intricacy and attention to detail of this bamboo watch are second to none.

The wooden watches for men have used the highest grade materials that give each watch a premium and unique feel. Easier to read the time, and very convenient to use. This wooden watches for men is a well-made wristwatch for all occasion.

Wooden Quartz Watch Helps You To Stand Out In The Crowd So You Can Showcase Your Fashion Sense In Style


  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: This bamboo watch casing is made of lightweight wood rather than metal or other heavy material. It provides comfort throughout the day. This wooden watches for men are paired with a soft leather band. Your wrist will thank you every time you slip it on.

  • FASHIONABLE: It has natural style bamboo face and casing with a leather strap. The bamboo watch provides the most natural look and feels you can get. Because of the unique nature of wood with its grain patterns, you will truly have a 1 of a kind wooden watches for men. 

  • SOFT AND ADJUSTABLE STRAP: The fit of the bamboo watch is very comfortable once you had the correct sizing. The wooden watches for men is adjustable to fit any wrist. The band is designed longer than need. All you need to do is to resize it as you want.

  • ECO-FRIENDLY & NON-TOXIC: This wooden watches for men is absolutely safe to use. It has no harmful materials. The wood is real and it is well polished. The leather band is put together very carefully and it is not scratchy.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT: The bamboo watch is very light in weight. It makes sense when you don't like the feeling that you are holding a heavy piece. There are four tiny screws on the back for replacing the battery.