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Wooden Boot Stretcher

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Reshape Your Shoe & Get a More Comfortable Fit With This Wooden Boot Stretcher

Tired of unreliable boot stretchers? With our Wooden Boot Stretcher, you can transform any pair of boots into perfectly fitting, comfortable shoes. It’s arguably the best boot stretcher on the market.

It’s made of finest wood. Two removable pressure relief plugs are also included, helping to stretch targeted areas of your boots. The shoe stretcher is used to stretch the width of all kinds of boots and other tight-fitting shoes. It helps to get rid of bunions, corns, hammertoes. Shoe expander can also be used to stretch new shoes, shorten the painful break-in period. No more pains in shoes with this useful tool.

Wooden Boot Stretcher Helps to Prevent Pain and Blisters When Breaking in Your Footwear So That You Have No More Pains in Shoes


  • GET THE PERFECT FIT: This handy boot stretcher enables you to stretch any pair of shoes to accommodate the exact size of your feet. No matter how high your boots are, the long shaft can reach. It increases both the length and width of the shoe by about 0.5-1 cm. It can be used for all kinds of boots, casual shoes, sneakers, flats, leather shoes etc.

  • TARGETED STRETCHING WITH PLUGS: This wooden shoe stretcher includes two removable pressure relief plugs. It allows you to stretch very small areas of your shoes to accommodate such asymmetries as bunions, hammer toes, and calluses, letting you zero in on painful pressure points.

  • SIMPLE TO USE: Just insert the shoe stretchers into the shoes and turn the knob clockwise to begin stretching the shoe. Leave the shoe stretchers overnight, or for 24-48 hours. The longer the shoe stretcher is inside, the more your shoes will be stretched.

  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: It’s made of premium genuine wood. The shaft of the boot stretcher makes a seamless connection, sturdy, anti-oxidation. The ergonomic design makes it easy to handle. Get a roomier, custom fit shoes every time.
How to use:
  • INSERT STRETCHER IN THE SHOE: Insert shoe stretcher into the shoe with the back piece facing down. 

  • FOR STRETCHING LENGTH: Hold the back piece in place, then turn the plastic handle clockwise until you begin to see surface pressure showing on the shoe. Do not overstretch! 

  • FOR STRETCHING WIDTH: Turn metal looped handle in a clockwise direction until you begin to see surface pressure showing on the shoe. Do not overstretch! 

  • FOR BEST RESULTS: Leave Stretcher in place for at least 24 hours. To remove stretcher, turn handles counterclockwise.