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Geometric Metal Cage Pendant

Geometric Metal Cage Pendant Light - A Traditional, Classic & Simple Lamp Shade To Blend In With Any Decoration!

Wonder if you can create a marvelous look for any room? With Geometric Metal Cage Pendant Light shade, design and decorate your living room, dining room, kitchen, kid’s room, nursery, home office, restaurant, cafe or business like a professional and impress everyone with your home decorating skills. Complete the decoration of your home with cage pendant light shade, customize your home lighting and add an energy saver light bulb that will not hurt the eyes or the electricity bill. The cage light guard offers a simple way to decorate your indoor lighting with low maintenance and to bring you a bright and warm environment.

Create An Ingenious & Beautiful Atmosphere With The Vintage Retro Metal Cage Lamp Shade


  • The bulb adds warmth and style to the geometric lamp shade that starts slim from the top and gets wider towards the bottom.
  • The cage pendant light guards have a 120cm long cord, can be adjusted according to your preference. 
  • This geometric lamp is built to blend in with any modern, contemporary or industrial decoration.
  • Stylish cage pendant light shade; industrial black metal cage light fixture in retro and vintage style.
  • The high-quality cage light fixture is the perfect gift for your loved ones.
  • This cage light shade fits for E27 bulb socket with 110-240v voltage.