Make It Rain Money Cannon

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Make It Rain Money Cannon

Trigger Your Inner Millionaire With The Unique Make It Rain Money Cannon!

Feeling rich today? With our Make It Rain Money Cannon, feed up your money and send them flying across the room. Bring the exciting party atmosphere with this super fun money gun.

Just point it a little up in the direction you want and pull the trigger. The loaded money will come out flying. Great fun for kids and adults alike. Money cannon can be used during kids parties, kids pirate games, birthday parties and by adults during weddings, nightclubs, bachelor/bachelorette parties, kitty parties, team building parties, family get-together etc.

Create Endless Fun For All Ages With Make It Rain Money Cannon


  • UNIQUE GEAR: This cash cannon has a unique gear status design. Easy to dispense real money, fake money, flyers, coupons or any other paper material which needs to be distributed as long as it fits the loading compartment and is of proper thickness to come out of the slot.

  • LARGE CAPACITY MONEY STORAGE BIN: In cash cannon, you can store about 150 paper money for fun. Perfect for bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, birthday parties, weddings, holiday events, poker nights, or anytime you want to show them who's boss.

  • LARGEMOUTH DESIGN: This money cannon has a large and reasonable mouth design for smooth out the cash. Just point the gun a little up in the direction you want and pull the trigger in small bursts. The loaded money will come out flying.

  • EASY TO USE: It is extremely simple to use this. Just lift the top cover and load the real currency, fake money etc. fitting the compartment size and slot thickness. That’s it…You are ready to go!! 4 batteries (not included) are needed for power supply.

  • QUALITY MATERIAL: The cash cannon is made of durable, non-toxic, environmental protected ABS material. This toy is liked by both children and adults.