Lockable Cat Flap

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Lockable Cat Flap

Keep The Door Closed & Provide Freedom To Your Cat With Lockable Cat Flap!

Do you want to keep your cat from using the door? The 4-way Lockable Cat Flap allows you to control your cat's access with a sliding lock that offers four access options, easy to control your pets in and out. This cat door is designed to fit interior people doors. Locking cat door is made from durable plastic, weather-resistant in while preferring for comfort and ease of use. The brush strip of the cat flap eliminates noise from the door closing, get the cat free access to her litter box. Your cat will love the freedom the locking cat door provides, and you will love your litter and odor free home.

Perfect Solution To Give Your Cat Access To The Litter Box Or Food Through Any Interior Door


  • 4 WAYS locking cat door, gives your cat or small dog the freedom to come and go without bothering you (out only, in only, in and out, completely locked).
  • This locking cat door is made of durable plastic, weather-resistant, the surface is smooth and durable.
  • Transparent cat flap lets you and your pet see what's on the other side of the door.
  • This cat flap is easy to assemble, suitable for solid wood doors or hollow doors.
  • Brush strips of the locking cat door eliminate noise from the door closing.