Kitty Window Perch

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Kitty Window Perch

Create A Soft & Cozy Place For Your Cat With This Amazing Kitty Window Perch.

Is your cat always searching for a view outside or a warm place in the sun? Our Kitty Window Perch offers cats a unique, cozy and warm spot where they can cuddle up or observe the world to satisfy their curiosity.

Kitty Window Perch Helps To Create A Favorite Hang Out Place For Your Pet


  • GIVE YOUR CAT A FRONT-ROW VIEW OF NATURE: We love being in the bright sunlight but do you know who loves it even more? Cats! The cat window hammock offers sanctuary for multiple cats. Perfect for cats that like basking in the warm sun or active cats that desire a high vantage point.
  • OFFER YOUR KITTY A PEACEFUL PLACE: Pamper your cat even more than you already do. Our cat window bed is specially designed for your pet to keep them warm and happy without taking up valuable floor space. It saves spaces and creates a special place for your cats. 

  • PROVIDE A COMFORTABLE BED FOR YOUR CAT: The cat window bed is offering a comfy, secure, elevated perch for your cat to sleep beneath warming sunbeams while staying off furniture. It helps reduce separation anxiety and keep messy hair on your furniture.

  • INSTALLS IN SECONDS: This cat bed hammock instantly suctions to any window. It easily mounts to windows using industrial strength suction cups and braces. The cat window hammock is machine washable.
  • Size: 55cm(21.7in) x 35cm(13.8in)