Light Up Charging Cable

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Light Up Charging Cable

Charge Your Device & Enjoy Amazing Visible Flowing LED Lightshow With Light Up Charging Cable

Do you want a fun light-up Charger for your device? Our Light Up Charging Cable lets you enjoy colorful electric current flowing through the cable when you charge your device.

This light up charging cable is built with perfect flexible and soft materials, this lightning cable can be folded and bent without cable quality damage. Light up iPhone charger cable has El technology. Once plugged in, light up iPhone charger cable allows you to see as the electricity flowing into the cell phone. When your device is fully charged, the light stays off. Time to say goodbye to your common charger cable and get this colorful light up charging cable which will meet all your needs in style and quality.

A Flexible, Durable & Colorful Charger Cable to Be Taken With You Everywhere You Go


  • ELECTROLUMINESCENT TECHNOLOGY: EL technology to see current flow as charging. Visible Flow LED up charging and data Sync cable, which indicates charging status with LED, once plugged in, you will see as the electricity flowing into the cell phone. The flowing light makes the electric current visible, which makes the light up iPhone charger cable a perfect decoration in the room, office or car. 

  • INCREDIBLE LIGHT SHOW: The light up charging cable has a built-in intelligent power system, the lower the battery, the faster the light flows. Visible current flowing speed indicates the Phone battery level: 1% - 65% FAST; 65% - 99% SLOW; 100% OFF. Shuts off power from the source when your device is fully charged.

  • HIGH QUALITY: This light up iPhone charger cable is made of high-quality Aluminum alloy with TPE cover, durable. This light up charging cable is designed for long-lasting flexibility with a 5000+ bend lifespan several times longer than standard cables. This light up iPhone charger cable can be folded, bent, twisted, or can even tie a knot.

  • SUPPORTS YOUR SYSTEM: Different cables available for Android and iOS users. This light up iPhone charger cable can backup files or transfer pictures, music and videos all while charging your device.

  • SAFETY DESIGN: EL cold light source inside of the light up charging cable for safety and low consumption. The 360 degrees light is cool and gentle, no overheat.