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Power Screwdriver

A Must-Have Tool For Quick & Effortless Screwdriving & Screw Removal

Are you looking for a versatile and powerful screwdriver for various operation? Then our Power Screwdriver is the must-have tool for you. This electric screwdriver comes with 7 different driver bits, you can choose any one of them to depend on your various operation. The cordless and battery feature makes the power screwdriver more convenient to use. Compact and lightweight design for using the cordless screwdriver easily and freely, like a screwdriver. The ergonomic design of the battery screwdriver helps you to improve working efficiency.

Power Screwdriver Allows You To Screw & Unscrew A Bolt In Seconds With Ease


  • The electric screwdriver comes with 7 pieces of different bits giving you portability and more options on unscrewing and screwing a bolt.
  • The cordless screwdriver is designed with 2 buttons that are for forward and reverse action.
  • The electric screwdriver is powered by 4 AA batteries, hassle-free cordless operation.
  • This power screwdriver includes a mini lamp on the head to assist you in the dark.
  • The battery screwdriver has an ergonomic design, easy to grip and operate.
  • Mini handheld electric screwdriver, with high speed and great stability.