Multipurpose Sink Cutting Board

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Multipurpose Sink Cutting Board

Make Cooking Easier & More Efficient With The Multipurpose Sink Cutting Board!

Do you want a device which will let you cut and rinse your food? This Multipurpose Sink Cutting Board is an innovative multipurpose cooking utensil designed to increase efficiency and speed up food preparation, making your life easier and saving you much-needed space, time and effort. The 3-in-1 over the sink cutting board comes in two separate pieces, one of which is the cutting board, and the other piece offers a divided storage bin for both rinsing and storing after finished chopping. The storage bins slide inside of the cutting board and can easily move back and forth as needed. Best of all? The sink cutting board fits perfectly right over your sink. Simply place it over the sink, slide the colander out, rinse and clean your food, place your items on the chopping board to be chopped, and then just dump them in the storage bin when finished.

Multipurpose Sink Cutting Board Lets You Clean & Rinse Your Food In A Colander And Chop Your Food On A Cutting Board.


  • Over the sink cutting board has genius integrated movable cutting board with an anti-slip base, vegetable basket, and water strainer, help you finish your cutting and cleaning work effortlessly.
  • Cleaning and storage is a breeze, just wash the over the sink cutting board by water and hanging it on the wall.
  • Sink cutting board has two handles on the sides to easily haul it around and store when not in use.
  • This over the sink cutting board is made of food-grade ABS material, safe and durable for use.
  • Sink cutting board has convenient over the sink design, fits most standard sized sinks.