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Dog Car Barrier

Keep Your Pets And Driver Safe While Travelling With This Dog Car Barrier!

Are you looking for a practical solution to drive safely with your pooch? Our Dog Car Barrier provides you with a practical solution to the problem of a restless or overly excited pooch wanting to come to the front of the car during road trips. This dog car barrier also protects your dog in the event of any harsh braking or sudden stops to prevent them from launching into the front seats. The pet barrier for car provides a safe, soft yet firm barrier that features mesh for easy air circulation and a convenient bag to hold items for your journey. Stay safe with this convenient must-have for dog and car owners everywhere.

Dog Car Barrier Helps To Keep Pets From Launching Into The Front Seat / Bucket Seat On Sudden Stops So You Can Drive Conveniently Without Being Distracted


  • The breathable mesh of this dog car barrier promotes air circulation between driver and pet which removes any fear issue.
  • This adjustable dog car barrier can be used in most of the Cars, SUV or Truck; works in any vehicle.
  • The pet barrier for car is made from strong material that is both durable, waterproof and easy to clean.
  • The dog car barrier has adjustable clips for easy attachment and removal to and from car seats.
  • This pet barrier for car is available in a range of colors to best match your car interior.
  • The dog car barrier has a convenient bag to hold your essential items.