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Dog Cooling Vest

Keep Your Pup Cool & Refreshed In Hot & Humid Days With Dog Cooling Vest

Want to keep your little furry friend cool during the harsh summer months? Beat the heat this summer with the Dog Cooling Vest. It allows you to protect your pet against harmful UV rays.

Dogs do not have the ability to expel body heat as efficiently as humans which leaves them at higher risk of heat-related illnesses and heat stroke. The mesh layers allow for fluid air circulation while the adjustable chest girth allows you to find the perfect fit for your furry friend. Simply add water to initiate the evaporative cooling effect so your pal can transform from a hot dog to a cool dog! Once you strap this vest on your hound, all the neighborhood dogs will be jealous because he will be the coolest pup in town—in more ways than one.

Dog Cooling Vest Helps To Keep You Pet Safe & Cool While In Staying Style!


  • REFLECTIVE DESIGN: Make sure your pet safer at night. Dog cooling vest is designed with reflective striping to ensure you will be able to have better visibility of your pet while playing outdoors. You can easily find out your pet whether on the road or in the wild camping.

  • BREATHABLE & COMFORTABLE: Dog cooling coat is designed with lightweight yet durable materials. The water-retaining fabric keeps your pal cool on warm days. Mesh layers allow for optimal circulation and air flow, so your pup stays feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

  • PERFECT FOR ALL-DAY USE: The dog cooling coat offers a comfortable and secure fit for your playful pooch. It prevents the pet hair and skin from sunburn. No chemical coolants or other potentially harmful components have been used, safe to use.

  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE FOR AN EASY FIT: Dog cooling vest comes in a variety of sizes and features an adjustable chest girth so you can find the perfect fit for your furry friend. Velcro design is easy for put on or take off.

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