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Dog Leg Brace

Provide Support & Improve Mobility Of Your Dogs With This Comfortable Dog Leg Brace.

Looking for a perfect option to improve your dog’s mobility? Our Dog Leg Brace is a compression brace which provides stability and support to the rear hock joint without compromising flexibility.

Fight Back Against Mobility Limiting Joint Conditions With This Dog Leg Brace.


  • DAILY WOUND THERAPY: This dog leg brace is ideal for both injury prevention and recovery. It helps with injuries to the lower back limbs that need to be splinted or braced. It supports and stabilizes hock and paw areas of rear limbs. It can be used as a preventative measure for elderly dogs with a higher risk of injuries.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: It was built to provide maximal support and stabilization while remaining lightweight and flexible. The lightweight design of the dog leg brace increases the pet’s tolerance of the splint.

  • GET MOVING AGAIN: Dog leg splint keeps the pet’s leg in a normal walking position. It helps with Loss of Stability caused by Arthritis. It also provides support and stabilization during the injury.

  • DURABLE AND STABLE: The four attached velcro straps are stable and it will not slide down or drop. Also, it lets you quickly fasten and remove it.

  • COMFORTABLE CARE: It’s made of shockproof, flexible and soft material. It doesn't hurt your dog's skin and affects your dog's mobility.


    • Small Size: Length 14.5 cm, top of the hock 10.5 cm and below the bottom of hock 13.5 cm.
    • Medium Size: Length 17 cm, top of hock 12 cm and below the bottom of hock 15.5 cm.
    • Large Size: Length 20 cm, top of the hock 14 cm and below the bottom of the hock 18.5 cm.


    • It’s important to remember that any splint or bootie placed on a pet’s foot will need to be removed at bedtime, and should be removed for at least an hour during the day to allow the foot to breathe.
    • This is a hock joint brace. It is not a knee brace.