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Vet's Choice Dog Toothbrush

Keep Your Furry Friend Smiling With Vet's Choice Dog Toothbrush!

Do you want to keep your pet clean inside out? With this Vet's Choice Dog Toothbrush, clean your pet's teeth and get rid of bad breath.

It's fun for your dog, and it's designed to be effective and reach those unreachable places like the molars. You will have no stress as a pet owner and your dog will have no problems playing with this dog toothbrush. They'll be fixing up their oral health and breath. It’s a perfect tool for every pet lover to take a good care of their pet.

Vet's Choice Dog Toothbrush Helps To Clean Your Pet’s Mouth Efficiently So They Can Get Rid Of Bad Breath & Prevent Oral Diseases Easily!


  • 360-DEGREE PROTECTION: You can inject toothpaste and it'll come out through 6 small holes. With this 360 degrees toothbrush, the owner has more control over which surfaces they're cleaning and the level of vigor. A guarantee of getting all teeth surfaces clean.

  • BITE RESISTANT & SAFE MATERIAL: The dog toothbrush is made from a strong TPE material. It is intended to be bite resistant. The withstand bite force is about 0 to 25 pounds. It can be used as a training toy to play with the dog.

  • PERFECT SIZE FOR MOST DOGS: The dog toothbrush will accommodate most medium to large dog breeds. Also, it’s applicable for some smaller dog breeds, depending on mouth size.

  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: This dog toothbrush provides an innovative 360-degree bristle configuration. It's bite resistant. It allows you to more easily take care of your dog's teeth.


Size: 7 cm x 10 cm x 3.5 cm