Multi Egg Peeler

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Multi Egg Peeler

Multi Egg Peeler - All of Your Favorite Hard-boiled Egg Dishes Are Only a Few Shakes Away

Frustrated peeling hard boiled eggs? Our Multi Egg Peeler provides the most innovative & simple solution to quickly and magically remove egg shells from up to five eggs at once in seconds.

Multi Egg Peeler Helps to Peel Eggs in Seconds So That You Can Enjoy Hard Boiled Eggs Quickly Without Any Mess


  • COOK-CHILL-SHAKE & PEEL: Add 100 ml water in the egg peeler, put the boiled egg into it and cover the machine lid. Shake the egg sheller vigorously. The eggshell will gradually fall off and fall into the water under the collision of the internal bulge. Finally, open the egg shell remover and take out the new egg. 

  • REMOVE EGG SHELLS INSTANTLY: This egg peeler is designed for your convenience to shell the eggs without any mess of peeling bit by bit. The egg sheller can peel 5 eggs at one time. Never mess with cracking hard boil eggs again.

  • EAT HEALTHY & CLEAN: Sometimes we missed out to remove outer shell fully that gets mixed up with your salads, or egg cuisine which may affect your health. Ensure eat clean with this amazing egg shell remover.

  • FOOD GRADE MATERIAL: The egg peeler is made of safe and non-toxic material. Egg sheller is durable enough to use it numerous times. Plus can store up to 10 peeled eggs in the fridge.