Facial Fitness Pao

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Facial Fitness Pao

Facial Fitness Pao - An Effective Training Tool To Exercise Anytime, Anywhere

Want a unique training device to exercise your face? Facial Fitness Pao tightens the skin restoring youthful expressions that brim with confidence. This strengthening remedy is simple, easy and fun.

Fun has no age limit and neither does exercise. Exercising your face is really important no matter what age you can tone up your muscles. You can train for face fitness any time, while you fold laundry, stuck in traffic, making dinner or even adding it to your yoga routine workout. There are no rules! Facial fitness pao is an anti-aging muscle trainer for all ages!

Facial Fitness Pao Helps To Tone And Tighten Underlying Facial Muscles To Help Reverse The Signs Of Ageing


  • LOOK YOUNGER: This face fitness tool works muscles below the skin targeting the root causes of sagging, wrinkles and smile lines. Facial fitness pao comes with a mouthpiece. It can be adjusted to match the level in the balance.

  • SIMPLE & EASY: Hold facial fitness pao in your mouth then swing the arms up and down. Rhythmically nod your head up and down for 30 seconds. Perform this exercises twice daily for effective results.

  • FUN FACIAL TRAINER: This unique training method for face fitness was developed to efficiently apply a load to the muscles around the mouth. You can use it on any occasion.


  • Size: 55 cm/21.65 inch long