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Fat & Grease Absorbing Magnet

Fat & Grease Absorbing Magnet - Eat Healthier & Stay Fit!

Do you want a tool which will help you to make healthier food? Our Fat & Grease Absorbing Magnet helps to create healthier meals by removing and absorbing excess fat that floats on the surface of foods. This fat magnet absorbs fat so you can reduce calories, lower cholesterol. Just freeze the fat magnet, skim the surface and fat is gone. You can use the fat magnet in soups, gravies, stews, chili and other liquids. The fastest, easiest way to remove excess grease and fat from foods.

A Simple Way To Remove Excess Fats From Foods Quickly & Easily!


  • Simply freeze the fat magnet, glide it over the surface, fat solidifies in second and sticks to the Magnet.
  • This fat magnet absorbs fat floating on the surface of the food, makes your meals healthier.
  • The ergonomic handle of the fat magnet is for easy operation.
  • Use the handy scraper to remove fat from the fat magnet.
  • This fat magnet is made of ABS and aluminum, anti-rust.
  • Perfect for stews, soups, gravies, chile and more.