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Emergency Fire Blanket

Tackle Fire Accidents With This Ultimate Fire Safety Blanket!

Do you want to be safe and prepared all the time during fire accidents? Our fire blanket is ideal to be prepared for any kind of accidents. The perfect thing to keep at your reach for emergency cases.

It’s made of fiberglass cloth that helps to resist fire and keeps you from burning. Unlike fire extinguishers, it creates no mess, so it is very convenient to use. The super durable quality of the fire blanket will last you for a long time and will become useful during unavoidable emergencies!

A Must Have Fire Safety Blanket For Every Household!


  • FIBERGLASS: This fire blanket is manufactured from fiberglass cloth. Fiberglass cloth blankets are fire retardant and have superior quenching effect. It enables the blanket to be fire-resistant, as well as heat-blocking. You can use it to wrap around the body and act as a heat shield.

  • BE READY IN EMERGENCY SITUATIONS: Emergency survival military-style fire blanket. It’s used to quench and resist fire spreading. Suitable for office, warehouse, ship, car, construction, house, kitchen, restaurant, amusement building, gas station etc.

  • KEEP YOURSELF SAFE: These fireproof blanket are the most reliable protection against heat. It extinguishes both liquid and grease fire by suffocating it, stops stovetop fires fast. Easy to use, safe, clean and non-toxic.