Flashlight Gloves

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Flashlight Gloves

The Best Flashlight Gloves For Fishing And Repairing In Dark Places!

Have you ever been doing handy work at night or in low light places or forced to hold the flashlight? Now say stay hassle-free while working in the dark with these handy Flashlight Gloves.

Flashlight Gloves Helps To Work Effortlessly In Dark Places So You Can Stay Hassle Free And Feel Comfortable While Working


  • BREAKTHROUGH WORK WITHOUT DISCOMFORT: These gloves allow you to adjust it to fit your hand without the sense of restraint. Breathable fabric means you can wear these gloves for as long as you need to. Don't worry about slipping up on your important work because your hands are sweaty and uncomfortable!

  • HANDY & CONVENIENT: Humanized hands-free lighting design with 2 LED lights on index finger and thumb. One on/off Button, easy Turn on and off. No more struggling in the darkness to find lighting or getting frustrated holding a flashlight while working on something that requires both hands.

  • MULTIPLE USES: Great for fishing, repairs, or working around the house. Suitable for fishermen, gadget lover, law enforcement, network engineer, plumber, maintenance equipment, mountain camping, cycling, and other outdoor activities.

  • QUALITY MATERIAL: These light gloves are made of high quality durable elastic fabric material and breathable velcro. Lightweight and waterproof. Powered by 2 button batteries (not included).

  • FLEXIBLE: These light gloves can be stretched to fit different hand sizes or even be worn on top of other gloves. It has velcro connection between finger and wristband.