Flexible Shaft

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Flexible Shaft

With Flexible Shaft, Carving & Polishing Is Just as Easy as Holding a Pen!

Want to turn your rotary tool into a grinder? With this Flexible Shaft, complete your DIY projects easily without any hassle. It is perfect tool for a DIY-er, hobbyist or craft worker.

The Dremel flex shaft is incredibly versatile and gives you even more functions. Plus, the flex shaft non-slip handle that lets you take really control over the job in hand. It’s compatible with most rotary tools. Especially works good for dremel 7300 and dremel 3000.

Flexible Shaft Helps to Drill, Engrave, Mill & Grind Easily So You Can Work Efficiently Without Any Hassle


  • COMFORTABLE DESIGN: The Dremel flex shaft has a comfortable PVC handle. It’s compact and lightweight. The flex shaft is convenient and easy to operate. It’s suitable for long time operation. You can turn unwieldy electric grinding into deft manual grinding with this flex shaft.

  • CONVENIENT & FLEXIBLE: The flex shaft easily attaches to any rotary tool in seconds. It’s widely used in drilling, engraving, milling and grinding works. This flex shaft has a stainless steel nut, solid plastic grinder handle, and protective spring for convenient use.

  • STRONG APPLICABILITY: The maximum load speed for the Dremel flex shaft is 35000 rpm. This flex shaft has a total length of 108 cm. It expands the scope of work effectively.

  • WIDE APPLICATION: Flex shaft is suitable for fine carving, dust removal, fine polishing, sanding, etc. Moreover, it’s perfect to use with Dremel or 180W electric grinder.

  • IDEAL FOR INTRICATE WORK: The Dremel flex shaft is compatible with the Pro-Max rotary hobby tool. It’s also compatible with most rotary tools.