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LED Floating Fishing Light

Catch Fish of Different Species Easily With LED Floating Fishing Light!

Love to eat fish & fishing? Now you can catch a lot of fish easily even at night with this LED Floating Fishing Light. It’s made of eco-friendly material & extremely safe to use. Enjoy your fishing.

LED Floating Fishing Light Helps to Illuminate Your Fishing Spot So You Know Where Your Rig Is at!


  • EASY TO SET UP: This green fishing light uses LED light and fires up 20 times brighter than most conventional lighted bobbers. It’s easy to use. Simply attach one to your rig, throw your line out, then sit back and wait for your prey to suck the float under the surface. It’s easy to secure on your line, highly visible, and remain reliably afloat. It works great even when used with heavy baits. You can use it alone or attach it to other fishing floats too.

  • BRIGHTENS FISHING SPOT: The floating fishing light illuminates your fishing spot. It's easy to see at significant distances. You can easily cover as much water as you want. You’ll know the precise moment when a catch is on the line, as long as you keep the glowing light in your sights.

  • WATERPROOF & DURABLE: This green fishing light has a compact, high-impact plastic body. It has a separate interface for electronics that uses five silicone O-ring seal. Ensures that you can cast it without worrying about water leakage.

  • EASY TO CARRY: These LED fishing lights are powered by a replaceable CR322 lithium battery and fit the palm of your hand. It’s portable. You can take it anywhere. Perfect gift for anglers who love a night bite.