Electric Fly Trap Device

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Electric Fly Trap Device

With Electric Fly Trap Device, Eliminate Unwanted Insects Quickly & Effectively!

Are you getting annoyed by flies while having your food or doing some important work? Now get rid of flies in a safe and hygienic way with this Electric Fly Trap Device.

Electric Fly Trap Device Helps To Stay Comfortably At Home Without Being Annoyed By Flies So You Can Enjoy Your Family Time Efficiently


  • EFFICIENT ELECTRIC FLY TRAPS: This electric fly killer has a safety button to activate, the simple twist on/off design. Its innovative technique induces the flies to try lures on the table and then turn the fly into the confined space with the rotating plate’s rotation. Applicable for repelling fly, mosquito, insect, pest, etc.

  • CHEMICAL & ODOR FREE: This fly zapper is quiet and environmentally friendly. No light pollution and peculiar smell. No need to spray chemical repellent and other liquids. It creates a comfortable and healthy environment for you.

  • SAFE FLY TRAP: The fly zapper is made of a high-quality plastic material. Anti-shock and crush resistant, won't break easily. It comes with trapping food, non-toxic and safe. Portable and can be placed almost anywhere.

  • EASY TO CLEAN & USE: Using an ergonomic design that allows easy clean and reuse. It also allows you to remove the fly trap box and clean. No hassle or mess.