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Nail Fungus Treatment Pen

Nail Fungus Treatment Pen - Kill Fungus & Provide Your Fingernails/Toenails Rich Nutrition

Want to improve the appearance of your damaged or discolored nails? Nail Fungus Treatment Pen provides improved appearance for damaged toenails or fingernails by directly penetrating the nail for visible results.

An Effective Method To Help Improve & Reshape Your Nails!


  • KILL THE STUBBORN NAIL FUNGAL: Fungi nail pen contains herbal medicine ingredient to eliminate the fungus. It accelerates the metabolism of nails, fast and effective treatment of onychomycosis, trauma caused by all kinds of nail fungus infection. It helps to improve rugged irregularity, dull color, and caduceus appearance. 

  • GENTLE INGREDIENTS: This fungus treatment pen is enriched with herbal extract essence and mild -moist texture. It gives fingernail rich nutrition, your fingernail will regain smooth luster gradually. It soothes, softens and renews nails damaged by fungus. You can easily and quickly renew your nail appearance. 

  • SIMPLE TO USE: Simply hold the tip of the tube onto the nail, press lightly, and apply a thin layer over the entire nail surface, including under the free edge of the nail. Leave to dry for a few minutes and you are done. A simple and effective to treat your nails gently.


  • Quantity: 3 ml

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Nail Fungus Treatment Pen