Gardening Genie Gloves

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Gardening Genie Gloves

Gardening Genie Gloves - Dig, Scrape, Plant Seeds & Do Much More Without Using Any Tools!

Do you love gardening? Do you want to protect your hand and handle a variety of gardening tasks with just one tool? These durable Gardening Genie Gloves are a one-stop solution to your gardening tasks! These gardening gloves make gardening fun and easy. These garden gloves with claws are made of high-density claws to instantly replace any of your hand tools. Enjoy tending your garden without being poked, stung or cut with this gardening genie gloves. With this amazing gadget, you can do gardening without even making your hands dirty. You can prevent all sorts of cuts and blisters. Make digging, planting, raking easy and protect your hand with these garden genie gloves!

Make Gardening Fun & Easy Job With This Gardening Genie Gloves!


  • The garden genie gloves have built-in claws for digging, keeps your hands protected and dirt-free.
  • The garden gloves with claws are quite breathable, suitable for women, men, and even older kids.
  • The gardening gloves are waterproof, easy to clean and can be used for a long time.
  • These garden genie gloves are suitable for moist soil cultivation and gardening.
  • These gardening gloves are made of high-quality ABS + Latex materials.
  • With 8 sturdy garden claws, it’s easy to plant, scrape and dig.
  • One size of garden gloves with claws fits most.