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Grafting Cutting Tool

Make Your Garden Grafting Easier And Better!

Are you tired of changing the tools between cutting and grafting process? Isn’t it troublesome? This Grafting Cutting Tool makes it easy for you and keeps you hassle-free while doing work.

It does pruning and grafting at the same time. The cuts made in both stock and scion are perfectly matched for maximum cambium contact, which will greatly improve the grafting survival rate. With this grafting cutting tool, you have no need to get the hard work in cutting same slopes on both branches. No need to use any extra sharp knife as in the traditional laborious and time-consuming methods. You can make garden grafting easier and better!

Grafting Cutting Tool Helps To Graft Trees And Branches Effortlessly So You Can Save Time And Energy Of Traditional Grafting Method


  • TIME & ENERGY-EFFICIENT: This unique grafting tool prunes and grafts at the same time and saves a lot of time. Suitable for fruit trees, tree grafting; such as apple and other fruit trees branches, watermelon, tomato, and other vegetable seedlings.

  • EFFORTLESS CUTTING: The grafting cutting tool comes with U-cut, V-cut and Omega-cut sharp blades, convenient to replace. Suitable for grafting plant branches in 3 - 13mm diameter.

  • ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED: This tool improves the survival rate with a perfectly fitted clean cut. Long handle design with spring action maximizes productivity and minimizes fatigue. 

  • HIGH-QUALITY: The grafting tool is made of high-strength ABS plastic, durable and sturdy. Lightweight, portable and easy to carry.