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Odor Away - Gym Bag

Grey (Large)
Grey (Small)
Green (Large)
Green (Small)
Black (Large)
Black (Small)
Blue (Large)
Blue (Small)
Did you know that bacteria grows inside your gym bag overtime? Mixing your gym attire with your gym shoes is definitely not ideal. Luckily, we created the Odor Away - Gym Bag.
With a separate compartment for shoes, and an odor release hole inside the bag, your bag will be able to breath, and your sweaty gym clothes and shoes have no chance of creating unwanted odors.
  • Multiple Compartments to separate dirty and clean gym attire
  • Shoes Compartment: Built-in extra shoes bag with exterior zippers and air holes, ventilated to keep your shoes and clean gear separate
  • Choose from two sizes, in three available colors.