Hair Turban Towel

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Hair Turban Towel

Clear The Way For A Great Day With This Adjustable Hair Turban Towel!

Are you looking for an extremely comfortable and absorbent towel? Our comfortable Hair Turban Towel absorbs excess water and helps to speed dry time. This towel turban is great for use in salons and spas, as well as home. Moreover, this hair turban towel is ideal for chemotherapy patients experiencing hair loss. Universal hair turban towel, one size fits most.

Hair Turban Towel Helps To Keep Your Hair Out Of The Way So You Can Apply Makeup Conveniently


  • The towel turban has an adjustable hook-and-loop closure and elastic top for convenient usage.
  • The towel turban is made of an excellent quality cotton material, soft and comfortable to use.
  • This towel turban is suitable for everyday use at home or the gym or while traveling. 
  • The hair turban towel is perfect for facials or applying makeup. 
  • This towel turban is easy to clean, machine washable. 
  • Universal hair turban towel, one size fits most.