Motorcycle Anti-theft Handlebar Lock

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Motorcycle Anti-theft Handlebar Lock

Stay Tension Free And Park Your Bike Anywhere You Want With Motorcycle Anti-theft Handlebar Lock!

Leaving your bike outside anywhere is quite unsafe, isn’t it? Now stay tension free and park your bike anywhere you want with this Motorcycle Anti-theft Handlebar Lock.

This handlebar lock is hard to defeat device for your bike which helps a lot for protecting the bike from thieves. It’s keenly designed with a reliable drill-protected locking mechanism. It has two original keys which can be used to open the lock quickly. The handlebar lock is highly visible and can be easily seen. This anti-theft handlebar lock is a high-security add-on for any bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, and ATVs.

Motorcycle Anti-theft Handlebar Lock Helps To Protect Your Bike So You Stay Tension Free And Park Your Bike Anywhere You Want


  • PROTECT YOUR VEHICLE: The handlebar lock is exquisitely designed with a well-founded drill-protected locking mechanism. Simple design locks brake lever handlebar to prevent bike being pushed away. It keeps the bike being pushed off the center or side stand. 

  • FIT FOR ALL TWO WHEELERS: No special instruction needed. Easy to install within 5 seconds. Lever setting can be simply adjusted according to need. Easy to carry around and can be stored effortlessly. Go without worrying about someone stealing your ride.

  • BUILT TO LAST: It’s made of premium quality aluminum alloy material. High in strength for great security purpose. Tough, durable, and tamper-resistant, making it extremely difficult for a thief to steal your vehicle.

  • THEFT DETERRENT: The handlebar lock can be seen easily. It can be easily opened with the original key. A suitable security device for bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, and ATVs. 


    • Size: 13.8cm
    Package Includes:
    • 1 x Handlebar Lock
    • 2 x Keys