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Mini Heat Gun

Multi-Functional Mini Heat Gun - Ideal Tool For Hands-Free Heat Shrink Applications

Do you want a lightweight and functional tool for your projects? This Mini Heat Gun is the ideal choice for you. This electric heat gun features an adjustable wire stand for stable operation and the nozzle has a built-in safety shield for safety. The high-quality heating element can reach 200 degrees. The mini hot air gun is a lightweight, small, general purpose guns. The electric heat gun is a great DIY accessory for heating shrinkable film, mud toys, rubber stamp, convex powder, etc. Perfect mini heat gun for hobbyists, DIY enthusiasts, electronic technicians, automotive service and marine repair.

Mini Heat Gun Helps To Produce Fast, Controlled, Flameless Heat & Get The Heat Where You Need It!


  • Keep 5-6cm distance between the mini heat gun and your work, heat your work at about 45°until completed, don't use more than 10 minutes continuously to prevent overheating.
  • Mini heat gun comes with an adjustable wire stand for keeping gun stable and upright.
  • The electric heat gun has an ergonomic design with on/off switch and vents.
  • This mini heat gun has a power of 300W, can reach temperature 200 degrees.
  • The electric heat gun includes a built-in safety shield on the nozzle.
  • Mini handheld electric heat gun, portable and comfortable.