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Electric Deep Fryer French Fries Maker

Prepare Your Favorite Fried Foods Easily With The Electric Deep Fryer!

Do you like to fry food at home? With the electric deep fryer, you can fry much healthier. It’s made of ABS + Stainless steel material. The electric fryer is equipped with the 360-degree dynamic airflow technology that allows you to enjoy your favorite fried food with little to no oil. So eat healthily & stay healthy.


  • Equipped with the 360-degree dynamic airflow technology, allows you to enjoy your favorite fried food with little to no oil. 
  • Uses hot and high-speed airflow to fry, grill, bake and roast healthily without extra calories.
  • It has bottom vortex heat flow technology, fast heating, more uniform heat design. 
  • Comes with digital LED touch display, precision control constant temperature.
  • Allows you set the temperature from 180 to 400°F,and cooks up to 40mins. 
  • Strong heat dissipation system, protect the machine and prolong service life.
  • It has a large capacity, can prepare fried food for a family of 4 or more.
  • Can select your cooking setting from one of the 7 preset programs.
  • Can also set the temperature and timer according to your recipes.
  • Can grill, roast, and bake or fry up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • Easy to use, the non-stick basket can be easily detachable.