Interlocking Foam Mat

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Interlocking Foam Mat

Keep Floors In Your Place Child-friendly Without Compromising Style & Comfort With The Interlocking Foam Mat!

Are you worried about your child getting hurt stumbling over while playing? We all know that kids are prone to slips and falls, which is why choosing the right flooring option for a play area or a child’s play area is vital. Interlocking floor mats for kids offer an environment that is warm and inviting. Interlocking mats can be installed quickly and effectively without the need for contractors.

The interlocking floor mat interconnect together like a puzzle creating a beautiful, soft, and safe area for your kids to crawl, rest, or play on!


  • SOFT & CUSHY: The interlocking foam mats are specially designed with soft and cushy as a carpet surface on top, and protective underlayer rubber foam. The interlocking foam floor is a healthier and safer option than traditional flooring. Our interlocking foam floor is perfect for the playroom, kids’ bedroom, living room, and dining room. Great to use on daycare centers and nurseries.

  • SAFE PLAYZONE FOR YOUR KID: When pieced together, the interlocking foam floor transforms your floors into a safe play zone for your little ones. The interlocking foam mats fit snugly and stay connected, making it hard for your mischievous children to pull them apart. 

  • ANTI-FATIGUE FEATURE: These interlocking floor mats have anti-fatigue properties, making them an excellent choice. It allows muscles to subtly contract and expand while standing, increasing blood flow and comfort. 

  • COMES IN VIBRANT COLORS: Our interlocking foam mats come in eye-catching colors that give your room a warm, inviting feel. This is perfect for chilling, wintry days. 

  • REDUCES TUMBLES & FALLS: The interlocking floor mats reduce the impact of any tumbles as your curious tot learns to balance and coordinate.  


  • Material: EVA