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Metal Plate Knee Brace

Relieve Pressure & Reduce Knee Joint Pain With The Ultimate Metal Plate Knee Brace.

Do you want a support to prevent and recover injuries? Effectively support your kneecap and relieve it from joint pains with this ultimate metal knee brace. It has metal plate support.

It is perfect for professional sports protection, injury prevention, and damage recovery. The wrap-around design of the metal knee brace offers increased comfort and can easily take it off or put it on. Now feel free to move your knee again and improve your mobility with this amazing metal knee brace.

Get Maximum Support For Your Injured Knees With Metal Plate Knee Support Brace.


  • DURABLE & BREATHABLE: The metal knee support brace is quite breathable. It's made of perforated neoprene material. The metal knee brace has top and bottom stretch webbing closure with TPR pull tabs. It delivers precision fit.

  • EASY TO USE: Its wrap-around design offers increased comfort. You can easily take it on/off. It’s a suitable metal knee safety brace for sports like basketball, running or climbing. The fabric is lightweight, soft and comfortable to use.

  • ANTI-SLIP DESIGN: The non-slip anti-migration technology of the metal knee brace helps to stay sturdy. The metal knee safety brace has bilateral polycentric hinges with hyperextension. It helps to support knee instability.

  • WIDE APPLICATION: It’s a perfect metal knee brace for preventing knee oppression and injury during sports. Also, it promotes blood circulation. The metal knee brace has stash pocket that holds cards and keys.

  • MOSTLY RECOMMENDED FOR: Mild to moderate ligament sprains, mild to moderate tendon strains, hyperextension, meniscus injuries, patella support/stability.