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Laser Hair Remover

Laser Hair Remover - Most Effective Permanent Hair Removal Solution in the Comfort of Your Home

Want to have no-need-to-shave experience without spending hundreds at a salon? Our Laser Hair Remover can remove unwanted hair from the root and restrict the hair growth without any pain.

The permanent hair removal machine has a high-tech HPL technology. Laser hair removal has 5 light intensity levels for treatment of different epilation area for effective hair removal. The high light energy of the application area is about 4.5cm. The permanent facial hair removal device allows flexible operation, rapid and time-saving. Safe permanent hair removal machine with skin detection function can detect skin types with which it is compatible. Fast and effective, only require 8 weeks of epilation thoroughly without hair growth.

Laser Hair Remover Helps to Remove Unwanted Hair Permanently So That You Can Save Time and Money Without Going to Salon!


  • INCLUDED INTERCHANGEABLE LAMPS & EYE GUARD: Permanent facial hair removal machine comes with a hair removal lamp and tender skin lamp, providing your skin great and complete care. The permanent hair removal machine comes with a pair of safety eye guard to wear and protect your eyes.

  • HIGHLY COMPATIBLE: Permanent hair removal device has a sensor that checks the pigmentation of the skin being treated and detects skin types. Laser hair removal machine is compatible with 4 skin types: white skin, bright color skin, standard Asia skin, natural tan skin.

  • PROFESSIONAL HPL TECHNOLOGY: HPL technology of permanent hair removal device removes unwanted hair from the root. At the same time, it restricts hair growth. The light head of the laser hair removal machine uses high light energy. Application area about 4.5cm⊃2.

  • SAFE FOR YOUR SKIN: The laser hair removal machine has a safety mechanism. Permanent hair removal device assures complete safe permanent hair removal. Ignorable pain, no hurting to your skin while using the permanent facial hair removal device. 

  • 5 LIGHT INTENSITY LEVELS: The laser hair removal machine has 5 light intensity level for your convenience. Few indicator lights for a proper operation. Permanent facial hair removal machine gives you the perfect results just after 6 sessions.

  • PORTABLE GROOMING KIT: Permanent hair removal device has a compact design which allows you to take it anywhere you want. Perfect for removing hair from the arms, underarms, legs, back, chest, bikini line, and face.

Packaged Included:

  • 1 x Epilator
  • 1 x Hair Removal Flash Lamp
  • 1 x Tender Skin Lamp
  • 1 x Multi-voltage charger (Replaceable UK, EU, and US standard plugs will be provided)
  • 1 x Safety glasses
  • 1 x User manual