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LEGO City Police Station

Save The Day And Bring Justice To Your Lego City With Lego City Police Station!

Are you a hardcore LEGO fan? Do you want something a little more interesting?  Then It's up to you to conquer the day and bring justice to the city once you build with the LEGO City Police Station!

Create A Three-story Police Station Featuring Jail Cells, Offices, A Watchtower, And A Garage. Be Part Of The Action With The City Police As They Stop The Crooks Escape From The Jail!


  • Be a hero and save the day of your LEGO CITY by maintaining law and order with this lego city police.

  • You can build a three-story police station featuring jail cells, offices, a watch tower, and a garage with the lego police station set.

  • This cool building toy includes mini figures and a police dog figure.

  • Absolutely perfect gift for the crazy LEGO collector in your life.