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Lego Mat

With This Unique Lego Mat, Build Your Dream House And More!

Are your Sunday morning times boring? Bring a little excitement in your home with the Lego Mat. The precision-made baseplate can quickly build any Lego world your imagination can come up with.

This lego play mat is made from the premium material- rollable, foldable, flexible and portable. This baseplate works with all major building block sets. Let babies enjoy their happy playtime with Lego bricks anywhere. You can build, create, and display multiple levels/stories or anything your imagination allows.

Lego Mat Helps To Keep You And Your Child To Build Something Creative So You Can Have A Fun Play Time With Your Kid And Enhance Their Creativity


  • BUILT TO LAST A LIFETIME: This Lego play mat is made from premium ABS material- rollable, foldable, flexible, take-where-you-go. It’s stronger and more durable for long-lasting use.

  • STACKABLE WITH BOTTOM CONNECTIONS: The Lego mat will give you the added benefit of connecting Lego bricks from below to create multiple levels/stories. 

  • DISCOVER NEW DESIGN: It works with all major brand bricks, an affordable way to increase building options. Easily connects, allowing unlimited Lego creation potential.

  • BUILD A NEW WORLD: The square corners of this Lego play mat fit together perfectly with no gaps. The edges of it are connected together seamlessly. It easily cuts to any size, convenient to use.

  • PERFECT GIFT FOR KIDS: These are high-quality base plates that will help your children fulfill their creative and intellectual potential. This is a perfect gift for children who love playing with Legos.


  • Size: 51 x 25.5 cm