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Lie Detector Game Toy

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An Interesting & Little Frightening Lie Detector Game

Want to add thrill to the party? Lie Detector Game Toy is a tabletop device that you strap your victim's hand to deliver a small electric shock when it thinks a lie is being told. Exciting, isn’t it?

Great for having fun with your mates or even trying to outdo, the shocking lie detector will have everyone in the room enthralled. This lie detector game can help to see through the white lie between kids and parents, friends, colleagues and lovers. Place your hand onto the hand plate of the lie detector. If you tell the truth, you can move away from it safely and if you tell a direct lie or have given an unacceptable amount of half-truths, you will receive an electric shock.

Learn All The Biggest Secrets Of Others With This Fun Lie Detector Game!


  • SHOCKING CONSEQUENCES: The lie detector evaluates the data and stores the information after each question giving an accumulation of data on the person being questioned. It could be possible for you to get away with a lie early in the questioning procedure. But the more questions asked the more likely you are to be caught - that means shocking consequences.

  • UNLIMITED FUN: The truth hurts...But not as much as a lie! Get your friends to shock you with the truth or you can shock them with their own lies. It can help to see through the white lie between kids and parents, friends, colleagues etc. Suitable for ages 14 years and up.

  • EXCITING GAME: If you tell the truth, no shocking and you can move out your hand safely. But if you tell a lie, you will get an electric shock, not harmful. The lie you say bigger, more lights on. When all 5 lights on, you will be punished heavily by electric shock.

  • PORTABLE DESIGN: One silver shocking lie detector. It has a hand strap for maximum effect, high/low shock setting. Total 5 LED lights of 3 green and 2 red ones. It has suction cup feet to keep the unit in place. Powered by 3 X AA Batteries (not included).