Light Up Crochet Hooks

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Light Up Crochet Hooks

Be Creative & Effortlessly Knit Your Imagination With Light Up Crochet Hooks

Do you always struggle while knitting with uncomfortable crochet hooks? Our Light Up Crochet Hooks comes with 9 interchangeable heads of various sizes and comfortable handle for effortless work.

The interchangeable heads of the lighted crochet hooks are designed with clearly marked hook sizes in the handles for you to identify the sizes. Hooks glide effortlessly giving amazing results without holding and pulling. These crochet hooks with lights are a perfect set for the beginner or the experienced crocheter wanting to experience soft grip handles in a variety of sizes.

An Efficient Device to Crochet for Longer With No Hand Pain


  • 9 INTERCHANGEABLE HEADS: The lighted crochet hooks has total 9 sizes, from 2.5mm to 6.5mm, individually marked on the bottom end. The interchangeable light up crochet hooks allows you to quickly switch between different sizes. These lighted crochet hooks are designed to minimize physical effort and maximize efficiency. 

  • ENJOY CROCHETING WITHOUT PAIN OR FATIGUE: The crochet hooks with lights provide a firm grip without muscle tension. Perfect for those suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis or Carpal Tunnel. The extreme comfortable grip of these light up crochet hooks helps you to crochet and knit for hours.

  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY FOR COUNTLESS USE: The average charging time of the lighted crochet hooks is approximately 15 minutes. The usage time is approximately 7 hours to 9 hours. USB charging can be done by wall adapter, power bank or desktop/laptop computer etc.

  • TRAVEL-FRIENDLY STORAGE CASE: The crochet hooks with lights comes with a well-organized case. You can store all of your light up crochet hooks in the case, no longer worry about losing any hooks again.

  • ADJUSTABLE BRIGHTNESS: The lighted crochet hooks can be adjusted between dim and brightness according to your need, suits various lighting conditions and personal preference.