Tourmaline Gel Magnet Facial Mask

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Tourmaline Gel Magnet Facial Mask

Stay Youthful & Improve Your Skin With Tourmaline Gel Magnet Facial Mask!

Don’t you want to look younger and radiant? Now stay gorgeous with this Tourmaline Gel Magnet Facial Mask. It promotes facial blood circulation, tightens skin, makes face bright and young.

Tourmaline Gel Magnet Facial Mask is a magnetic gel mask that massages, whitens, tightens and eliminates facial wrinkles, and gives you “your dream” skin. Moreover, the magnetic mask relieves fatigue and removes dark circles efficiently.

Tourmaline Gel Magnet Facial Mask Helps To Brighten & Whiten Your Skin And Get Salon-Like Beauty Treatment At Home!


  • ANTI-WRINKLE & ANTI-AGING: Face tightening mask smoothes wrinkles and removes dark circles giving you a baby's skin. Gel magnetic facial mask, massages, whitens and tightens skin. It feels soft against the face and comfortable to use. Our magnetic gel masks are a must-have beauty essential for every beauty enthusiast.

  • HOT & COLD TREATMENT: For a cooling treatment refrigerate magnetic face mask and wear it on the face. It helps to tighten skin & eliminate edema. For hot therapy drown magnetic mask in warm water. After gentle heating, remove from water, slightly let it cool down and wear it applying essence for a steamy facial. 

  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Tourmaline gel magnet facial mask is made of PVC flocking+magnetite+tourmaline+gel materials, safe to use. The magnetic mask has 20 different magnet points inside, which helps to relieve fatigue and refresh the skin.

  • EASY TO USE: Use the gel mask only half an hour a day. The face-lifting mask is lightweight, comfortable and durable. Magnetic face mask relieves pain from swelling, promotes blood and body health. 


  • Material: PVC Flocking + Magnet + Gel
  • Color: Pink
  • Size: Free Size

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Tourmaline Gel Magnet Facial Mask