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Meat Injector

Cook Delicious Meat Dishes Quickly & Easily With The Ultimate Meat Injector!

Want to taste a succulent, flavorful, and tender meat? With the Meat Injector, you achieve all three. It allows you to safely tenderize and flavor your roasts, steaks, and chops at the same time.

This ergonomically engineered tool has stainless steel injection needles that pierce the meat to inject your desired marinade. You can adjust the depth of it and penetration of sauce for the meat of different thicknesses. Moreover, the meat injector reduces cooking time by up to 40% by creating heat channels. It is a must-have tool in your kitchen.

Meat Injector Helps To Marinate & Tenderize Meat Conveniently So You Can Enhance Flavor & Tenderize Meat At The Same Time


  • FILL, SQUEEZE, COOK, SAVOR: The meat injector has been specially designed with marinade injection needles that allows deep penetration and even distribution so every bite contains an explosion of flavor. Perfect for intensifying the flavor of brisket, pork, chicken, turkey, lamb, goose, duck, and more! 

  • BETTER SEASONING: The meat injector has 2 marinade needles. The needles allow you to expertly season any meat or poultry with ease and enrich the taste of tough or thick cuts. Great for marinating turkey, chicken, and briskets.

  • LEAK FREE: Super quick and easy to disassemble. Perfectly insulated to prevent any leaks or spillages. Inject your food without worrying about making a mess all over your kitchen. This meat injector is also dishwasher-safe.

  • TURN ANY PIECE OF MEAT FLAVOR-PACKED: The meat injector holds 2 oz. of marinades or sauces. It offers improved pressure control, and a three-ring handle gives you a better grip for optimum comfort. 

  • STURDY QUALITY: The meat injector is made from 304 high-grade stainless steel injection needles that pierce the meat to inject your desired marinade. Durable to use if used carefully and maintained well.
  • Size: Needle length: 6''; Syringe diameter: 1.2''; Syringe with grip: 7'' 
Package Includes:
  • 1 x Meat Injector
  • 2 x Needle