Salvador Dali's Melting Clock

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Salvador Dali's Melting Clock

Salvador Dali's Melting Clock - A Work Of Art That Tells You The Time!

Do you want a trendy yet practical clock inspired by Salvador Dali’s surrealist artwork? This Salvador Dali's Melting Clock is a conversation piece that is both art and a precision timepiece.

It is inspired by Salvador Dali's work of art, ‘The Persistence of Memory'. These unusual Salvador Dali clocks look like it could have come straight out of a surrealist painting. Make your home into a seriously cool pad with these melting clocks. This melting wall clock looks great on a fireplace mantle, fantastic on a shelf and seriously cool just sitting on a sideboard. In fact, these melting clocks will be a conversation starter. With this eye-catching Salvador Dali clocks, time doesn't stop, it simply melts away!

A Classy & Modern “Melting Clock” For Art Enthusiasts


  • TRENDY YET PRACTICAL: This classic yet contemporary clock design fits into any setting. It has an eye-catching design. This novelty clock is perfect for the waiting room, office, living or dining room, and any room of the house or workplace. It’s practical enough for daily use. The top hangs securely from any flat surface. Strong enough to be used as a book-stop.

  • CAREFULLY CRAFTED: The curved surface area creates an illusion of melting time. These Salvador Dali clocks are made of high-quality plastic material. It features a silver effect border and black numerals. It can be fixed more safely with a screw. The clock design is modern and classy.

  • A PERFECT GIFT: It is a great conversation starter. This novelty gift is great for art enthusiasts and laymen alike. It perfectly hangs over any desktop, shelf, table, kitchen counter, pantry or windowsill. This classic shelf clock adds personality to any room.

  • TELLS TIME WELL: The dial on the back of melting clocks is for adjusting time. It requires 1 AA battery to operate (not included). The melting wall clock is designed to look like a large pocket watch complete with a winder on top.

  • AN AFFORDABLE WORK OF ART: These melting clocks look like it is straight out of Salvador Dali's painting. Any fan will appreciate this melting clock to celebrate his surrealism.


  • Size: 17 cm x 12 cm x 13 cm approx.