Mermaid Skirt

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Mermaid Skirt

Stand Out In The Crowd With This Beautiful Mermaid Skit!

Do you want a unique and fashionable partywear to add to your wardrobe? This Mermaid Skirt is the perfect partywear for you. This mermaid scale skirt has a fish scale design with many shiny dots on the surface. These mermaid skirts are made of breathable, stretchable Polyester and Spandex, soft and comfortable to wear. Even after a hand wash, it doesn’t lose its color. A beautiful partywear to be the center of any party!

Mermaid Skirt Helps You To Look Gorgeous So That You Can Be The Star Of The Party!


  • Suitable for everyday wear, school, beach party, family party, Halloween party and so on.
  • There are many shiny dots on the surface of the mermaid scale skirt, looks bling bling bling.
  • The scales are not itchy and the glitter stays intact on mermaid skirt after a hand wash.
  • This mermaid scale skirt has fish scale design, vivid color, lively.
  • Made of Polyester and Spandex, provides a comfortable fit.
  • Mermaid scale skirt is easy to wash and dry.
  • Soft, skinny, breathable mermaid skirt.