Metal Knee Brace

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Metal Knee Brace

Maintain Knee Safety, Prevent Any Form of Shear Stress on the Knee & Accelerate Knee Recovery With Metal Knee Brace

Suffering from knee pain? Our Metal Knee Brace is designed to provide knee support and increase range-of-motion for patients recovering from knee surgery or those who have knee instabilities.

Metal Knee Brace Helps to Provide Compression, Support, and Stability for the Knee So That You Can Improve Mobility and Stay Active in Your Daily Life


  • DESIGNED FOR KNEE SUPPORT: This metal knee brace is designed for those who have knee pain or have a knee injury. This hinged knee brace helps the knee joint to regain its original functions and provide functional training for long-term rehabilitation. The ROM (range of motion) hinged knee brace indicated for limited motion control during rehabilitation.

  • KEEP THE KNEE COMFORTABLE: The hinged knee brace is constructed of breathable and comfortable material to maximize knee support. This lightweight knee brace promotes patient compliance in a safe, non-invasive manner. The metal knee brace is suitable for long-term use, can wear throughout the day and night.

  • KNEE RECOVERY: The knee immobilizer is used to support the knee joint and limit its motion range. Perfect for after operative procedures or injury to knee ligaments, patellar ligament, articular cartilage, meniscus, or stable or internally fixed fractures of condyles, proximal tibia or distal femur.

  • RANGE-OF-MOTION HINGE: The bilateral range-of-motion settings of the hinged knee brace can be adjusted between 0° – 120° of flexion and 0° – 90° extension. Adjusted ROM provide an appropriate position and set the range of motion allowable for a particular knee injury.

  • ADJUSTABLE STRAPS: Four adjustable velcro straps help to stabilize the knee joint by. Adjustable straps provide a comfortable fit for both men and women. The inner pads provide the best grip and promote brace suspension to the knee, prevent slipping while walking.

  • RELIEF KNEE PAIN: This easy to use, the double vertical orthosis is designed to offer stability, increase blood flow and ease the pain. The knee immobilizer stimulates recovery while assisting the patient in returning to an active lifestyle.


  • Universal size and open design fit right or left leg.