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Easy Microwave Bacon Maker

Easy Microwave Bacon Maker - Enjoy The Easy Access To Fresh, Perfectly Cooked Bacon!

Who doesn’t like perfect and crispy bacon? We know everyone does — it’s a widely accepted fact. Our Easy Microwave Bacon Maker allows you to make 12 slices of bacon at a time in the microwave.

You’ll make perfectly cooked bacon, no burn or anything. Simple and easy to use and it catches all the extra fat in the tray. With the right amount of time, you have crispy bacon less fat and less grease. No Splattering, no mess so cleanup is super easy. This microwave bacon cooker provides you with a healthy way to cook bacon to crispy perfection!

Perfectly Fried Crispy Bacon Every Time All The Time!


  • DRAINS THE FAT AWAY: This microwave bacon tray helps to cook leaner and healthier bacon than pan-fried. It cooks bacon perfectly in minutes in the air above the fat, not in it. crispy bacon with up to 35% less fat. Convenient tray catches fat which can be used later for frying.

  • SIMPLE & EASY TO USE: The quickest and cleanest way to cook bacon in the microwave. Hang the bacon over the bars of the microwave bacon tray. Place one sheet of roller towel over the bacon and into the microwave. It cooks up to 12 slices of bacon all at once.

  • EASY CLEAN UP: Removable cooking racks stack in the tray. Simple to load, serve, clean, and store. The microwave bacon cooker is easy to clean up, dishwasher safe. No fat splashes in the microwave.
  • Size: 21x22x12cm