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Musical Mobile Crib Toy with Remote

Create A Soothing & Relaxing Sleeping Environment For Your Baby With This Colorful Musical Mobile Crib Toy

Looking for a toy to entertain your child and create a comfortable sleeping environment? Our Musical Mobile Crib Toy With Remote helps transform baby’s crib into a place of comfort and serenity.

Baby will love drifting off to sleep under the stars with sweet colorful toys. The brightly designed toys along with the music or sounds, keep the baby entertained. Through changing the position of musical mobile for crib every once in a while, which is beneficial for the baby's vision development. The beautiful music can help to stabilize your baby's mood and develop your baby's hearing development and the ability of sound identification. After your baby falls asleep, you can use the remote to turn off the musical mobile for crib. With the colorful toys, ceiling projection, and calming music of the musical crib toy, now you can soothe your baby when it’s time to wind down and relax.

Give Your Baby A Fun Play Time With This Fun Musical Mobile Crib Toy!


  • HELPS TO STRENGTHEN EARLY CHILDHOOD LEARNING: Early music exposure can help promote critical listening skills, language, and literacy, creativity, and coordination. Listening to music will help teach your infant about patterns and sequence, and about rhythm, beat and tone which are useful for problem-solving and reasoning. 

  • KEEP YOUR BABY HAPPY & CALM: Colorful toys helps children overcome anxiety and remain happy and never feel lonely even without mothers around. Through changing the position of the toy regularly, bright color can attract the baby's attention so as to train the flexibility of eyes. 

  • LET BABY FALL ASLEEP EASILY: After turning off the light of the bedroom, the projection of the crib toy can reflect the light shadow of stars and the moon, which creates a sleeping environment. Light music of musical mobile for crib helps make children easy to fall asleep.

  • SAFE FOR BABY: The musical crib toy is made of environmentally non-toxic and durable ABS material to ensure baby safety in case of biting them. Sturdy arm easily attaches to any crib. You can use the remote to turn off the bed bell. 

  • PLAYS A VITAL ROLE IN THE CHILD'S BRAIN LEARNING: The plane pendant of the musical crib toy can be torn down and use it as an independent toy. By touching different shapes of dolls, your child can practice hand coordination.

  • MUSICAL TOY: This musical mobile for crib features more than 100 Music Melody(include 'Little Star', 'Song Of Joy', ' Edelweiss' and so on) with a switch turn to next song. 

  • BEAUTIFUL PROJECTION: Twinkling starlight ceiling projection sets a calming scene as toys gently move up and down overhead in rhythmic patterns.