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Neck Cooling Band

Get The Best Cooling Experience With This Compact Neck Cooling Band

Want a natural solution to keep yourself cool in warm seasons? Our Neck Cooling Band has unique soft and flex cooling rubber technology that gives you the best cooling experience ever.

It’s very easy to use. Just wet the neck coolers and it naturally lowers your body temperature. It keeps you cool while fishing, hunting, hiking, or even on the job. It’s the better choice for long-lasting heat relief.

The Best Effective Way To Stay Cool Anytime, Anywhere!


  • FUNCTIONALITY: It’s a dry, odorless neck cooler. A special heat wicking fabric inside 31 superconductive fins draws heat away from the body. Replaces heat with a refreshing coolness. This neck cooling band can be worn while performing activities, relaxing or sleeping. It delivers exceptionally comfortable cooling when applied directly to bare skin.

  • EASY TO USE: All you need do is spray it or soak it with water and then put it around your neck. Immediately, you will feel the cool sensation. This sensation helps your whole body feel more comfortable especially when it is hot out.

  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: Neck coolers are made of soft and flex cooling rubber technology. No harmful chemical was used while making this product.

  • NO FANS, BATTERIES OR REFRIGERATION: This gadget requires no battery or cable. Simply wet it, slip it and feel cool. Stay cool wherever you go!

  • PERFECT FIT FOR EVERYONE: You can use this gadget in indoors, outdoors, at home or in the office. It will keep you cool this summer!